Bridging the Gap of Parental Alienation: A Masterclass for Professionals Reuniting Alienated Parents and Children

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An Invitation for Professionals Wanting to End Parental Alienation...

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Welcome therapists, counselors, coaches, and professionals! I'm so excited to bring you my free masterclass, Bridging the Gap of Parental Alienation.

During this masterclass, we'll dive into practical tools and strategies that you can use right now to rebuild healthy parent-child bonds and implement appropriate reunification steps for each family you serve.

Whether you're a mental health provider, coach, social worker, or other professional working with divorced or separated families, this class will provide valuable insights into one of the most complex family dynamics!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to provide expert support for affected children and address emotional needs for each member of the family!
  • How to help alienated parents overcome barriers and regain influential roles in their children's lives!
  • How to implement and incorporate appropriate reunification steps to strengthen parent-child connections!