You’re one step closer to building a

healthy, loving bond with your child.

Higher Purpose Parenting:

Start the reunification process with the confidence and tools you need

Continue building on what you’ve learned today:

  • Get the inward approach that gives you the power to push through the challenges you’re facing and end the suffering of your family
  • Resurface the unbreakable bond between you and your child
  • Create positive, lasting results
  • Experience true harmony in your family dynamic

Important Takeaway

This free webinar on How to Shift from Alienated to Reunited Parent in Three Steps exists to show parents who feel targeted or alienated that there IS a way out, and we can help.

Many parents feel powerless or think that a lawyer or therapist will be able to fix the problem for them. But, here’s the truth…

The targeted parent has the most power. The secret is in figuring out how to tap into it and approach difficult situations with a new outlook. The child in these situations is often alienated as a result of the desire to feel safe and not “rock the boat.”

This does not mean that the sacred bond between you and your child is broken -- and that’s the most important piece of information you can take with you through this journey. 

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