What Would Dorcy Do?

The series where Dorcy goes in-depth on various topics, to share what it is that she would do in those situations.

Latest Episode

Catch Dorcy's latest episode in her series of What Would Dorcy Do? where she talks about why Reunification Therapy does not work and what you can do instead!

Overcome False Accusations From Your Child
Handling Threats From An Alienated Child
Establishing Boundaries In This Family Dynamic
Talking to Your Child About Their Other Parent's Behavior
Learn How to Break the Silence
Reunite With Your Kids Who Have Cut You Off
Get Out of the Drama Triangle
Parental Alienation Awareness
Mother's Day for Alienated Moms
Father's Day for Alienated Dads
Alienation in Extended Families
Proven Process to Reconnect With Your Alienated Child
Single Case ABAB Design
Take Charge of Your Custody Case
Protocol for Your Child Custody Case
Frightening Facts of Family Court
Take Charge of Your Custody Case
Stop the Alienating Parents Winning in Court
Therapists in This Family Dynamic
Establishing a Professional Ally
Why "Reunification Therapy" Doesn't Work
Overcome Challenges and Struggles
Build Your Resiliency Skills to Overcome Parental Alienation
Heal Your Trauma and Reunite
Clean Up Your Side of the Mirror
Regulate Your Emotions
Build Your Resiliency to Go the Distance
Heal the Pain Between You and Your Child
Mindset Matters
Deservingness Around Being Rejected
Taking Responsibility for Your Part
Build Trust With Your Alienated Child
Communicate Effectively With Your Alienated Child
Master Communication With Your Alienated Child
Initiate Low-Pressure Reconnections With Your Child
Understand the Impact of Alienation on Your Child
Establishing Persistence to Go the Distance
How Did You Get Here? Uncover Your Alienated Story
Why Haven't You Reunited?
Coping With the Emotional Distress of Alienation
How to Get Your Co-Parent to Change
Why Your Alienated Child is Not Responding
Prevail Over the Hostility and Rejection from Your Child
Healing Trauma to Restore the Trust
"My Child Doesn't Want to Reconnect."