Discover How to Step-In as the Bonus Parent in Your New Blended Family

In this free e-book, you will discover the secrets to being the best co-parent while creating the best dynamic for your partner's children!

"Blended families face special challenges. As stepfamilies try navigating their new family roles, there's a delicate balance between fostering these new relationships and allowing everyone time to adjust."

What's Inside the Book?

As a bonus parent, you have a huge opportunity to assist in helping a family heal and continue to grow in unconditional love. Below is a sneak-peek of what you will find in the book.


Learn the most important skills to being a step-parent. Knowing your role and staying in your lane will help you achieve your goals and create harmony in your home.


Knowing how to show up as a step-parent can be tricky. In this e-book, you will learn the key strategies to create the blended family of your dreams.


Ready to take your blended family to a place of cooperation, fun, and loving connection? Stepping In provides you with the skills you need to create a loving bond.

"Starting a marriage off with children from a previous marriage is a balancing act. But establishing a good stable home life is important for everyone involved, especially the children. So be there, but don't be needy, and always understand that your spouse can have room in their heart to love you and their children."

About the Author

Dorcy Pruter is the Founder and CEO of the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and also a step-parent to two wonderful step-children. Dorcy has learned to create a conscious and cooperative co-parenting dynamic in her family, even when there has been conflict and chaos. She understands her role as a bonus parent, while supporting the relationships her bonus children have with both their parents. Dorcy helps divorcing families create solid family bonds, cooperation, and connection through creating conscious co-parenting plans that work.