August 14

The Solution


One of the common complaints we hear is how parents work with professionals that they trusted to solve their family conflict and pathology--and yet only made matters worse. This is particularly the case when there is a sudden parent-child cutoff, false narratives about the said-parent, and the therapist doesn't investigate further. 

What parents and professionals often miss is that what is causing children to reject parents, is not what they think it is. Most professionals get caught up on their confirmatory biases and miss the opportunity to properly assess the family situations, which are so important in making realistic decisions and obtaining effective court orders and solutions. The Custody Resolution Method is a wrap-around program that meets the needs of the divorcing parent that includes not only compiling, assessing, and organizing the evidence, but also providing meaning that demonstrates what is happening to your family and what to do about it. It is also the mindset coaching which often is the key to the solution to the problem and can often prevent the need for a full blown protective separation and change of custody.

We realized that many family law attorneys, judges, and therapists have no idea what is happening or what the solution is, so they advise parents to accept agreements that don't fully solve the problem. This simply does not serve the parents, and the children get lost in the system. Children deserve to have a loving, healthy relationship with BOTH parents - when the parents are healthy and want to be a part of their child's lives, and when there was a loving relationship prior. This requires a protocol, that serves all of the members of the family including both parents.

At Conscious Co-Parenting Institute we are all about integration, not elimination. Children benefit from relationships with both parents and they deserve to have healthy parents. When a child has the freedom to love both parents, they have a greater chance for success in all areas of their lives. Get supported to create the best outcome for your family now. If you don’t invest in the future wellbeing of your children, nobody will. We look forward to serving you.


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  1. Yes. The therapist started an argument in front of my kids during the session.just to prove his opinion on something unrelated, rather than doing that with only me away from the kids. Very unprofessional did not care about relationships just to be on the exwife side.

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