June 30

Short-Term vs Long-Term Solutions


Humans love love love short-term solutions. For example, someone who wants to lose weight, might consider a diet pill. To their surprise, this may not work as well as intended, or it may work in the short term and then they struggle to keep the weight off afterwards. This is because while it worked to lose the weight you wanted, it only temporarily solved the issue. If the long-term goal is to actually keep the weight off to maintain a healthy weight, then one must go through the process of implementing continuous change. This would include investing in a personal trainer and/or a gym membership, hiring a nutritionist or nutrition coach, and eating a new balanced diet. It would mean exercising consistently, and eating healthy most days of the week. This would help to achieve consistent results. And those who want it, will achieve it. Those who don't, will not. They will fall off track, stop going to the gym, stop meal prepping and go grab a quick bite instead, etc. It feels like it will take too long to get there, so the easier path is to just stop reaching towards the goal. If someone has been their undesired weight and physical shape for quite some time, it will take more effort to get to the desired weight or physical shape. Those who want it the most, will achieve it. You have to identify that the current/previous patterns are not serving you, and now you must make changes. Learn what your cravings are, so you don't buy those sorts of foods; learn self-control techniques, motivations for working out, etc. 

It is not always easy to achieve a long-term goal because it requires everlasting changes to be made. And this can seem hard. When in reality, it is a simple process. 

1. Hone in on the goal

2. Envision achieving it

3. Implement what needs to be changed ongoing

4. Focus on the outcome & what it is that you are going to achieve 

This is similar to reuniting with a child. Often times parents want a quick fix to reunification. They are sick and tired of the chaos and want to protect their child. WE GET IT! However-- there is no magic pill with anything. Especially with this family dynamic that is years (and most likely generations) in the making. In order to authentically and truly recover a parent-child relationship, there are steps to take - just like with the weight example. You must learn to identify what got you here, what your triggers are, how to manage the stressful emotions, how to consciously communicate, etc. These are vital steps, there is no achieving without them. 

That is the power of the work we do and how we help parents. We help guide them on the path, by providing them with what it takes to recover their child and take back their power. To not let the high-conflict situation take hold of them. Parents get confused because they think if it's their other parent's fault for the relationship demise, that they shouldn't do any work. And that is exactly why they should have to put in the work. Because if the Chosen Parent doesn't, the pathogenic parent will not. And your child remains stuck. Restore your family with these steps.

Contact us today if you are ready to take authentic, life-changing action. 


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