January 11

Reunification Roadmap: Step 7 – Reconnection Initiator


To recap, the first two phases of the Reconnect roadmap:

Phase 1
  1. Decoding alienation
  2. Regulating emotions 
  3. Taking responsibility
Phase 2
  1. Mastering communication
  2. Building resilience
  3. Structuring trust

The 7th step includes an important component, one of which marks the 3rd and final phase to reunification for an alienated parent. 

This is to finally initiate a connection. 

It is critical you go through the first 6 steps to commence the 7th (check out the first ones, here).

Initiating a connection through invitations, suggested activities, or the like, you must first tackle the initial phases of reunification in order to do the above. If done too prematurely, the child may keep at bay.

Luckily, we have designed a cheatsheet to help you get the process kickstarted. It is one small step on the reconnect roadmap, and what we go deep in during our upcoming program, Reconnect, with Dorcy Pruter. Get started with your cheatsheet now, right here


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