Reunited Children Speak Out!

Hear the Voices of the Once Alienated Children Now Reunited with Their Beloved Parents.

Dorcy Pruter Interviews Reunited Children 

In this video series learn from formerly alienated children and adults how they reunited with their beloved parents and what their targeted parents did to make the reunification possible.

From an Abducted Daughter to an Alienated Mother

Amanda's story is one of extremes. Amanda was abducted by her father and severely alienated from her mother. When she tried to reunite with her mother at 18, they were both confused and did not understand what had happened to them. It was not until Amanda's own children were not returned to her after a holiday with their father, did she start to unravel the truth about her trans-generational family trauma, by then it was to late for Amanda and her mom. Join me in this riveting journey through the awakening of this beautiful soul who has clearly used her tragic personal experience not as a way to stay stuck as a victim, but as a way to "RISE UP" into her highest self and guide others out of their darkness. Please show Amanda your support and love. Watch her interview, share, like and comment.

From Abducted Daughter to Alienated Mother- A riveting story not to be missed
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