Foundations, by Dr. Childress

A paradigm shift in the family dynamic commonly known as "Parental Alienation"

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"Parental Alienation" is used in discussions by mental health and legal professionals to characterize family dynamics in which a parent influences the child to reject a normal-range parent. This type of negative parental influence on a child typically occurs following a divorce, although the process of the child's "alienation" can begin while the family is still intact.

In this free course, Dr. Childress discusses the constructs of "parental alienation" that was popularized in the 80's by psychiatrist Richard Gardner, whose proposed indicators of "PA" are not based in established psychological principals or constructs within professional psychology.

In this course, Foundations, Dr. Childress educates parents and professionals to better understand the appropriate and accepted constructs of child psychological abuse. Get started today with this free training from Dr. Craig Childress - brought to you by the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute.

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In this foundational course, learn about the complex family dynamic to get on the path to recover your authentic children and your allies in mental health.

Video Training

Dr. Childress strategically explains the family dynamic, what should be done about it, and what is not being done about it - in a video series training throughout this course.

Foundations: the Book

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