Conscious Co-Parenting Reunification Coach Certification Program

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A Proven System

designed to help professionals empower parents to recover and reunite with their children and end the suffering for their family.

This premier Reunification Coach Training Program integrates practical everyday application to support you to solve even the most complex family issues.

Discover the evidence-based process that actually works so you can help families struggling with an emotional cut-off.

Do you feel called to be a

Reunification Coach?

...chances are you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel a calling inside you to become a Reunification Coach or an inner voice nudging you in this direction.

How do I know that this is the right program for me?

  • You want to solve this family dynamic. You feel a deep sense of fulfillment in supporting parents to recover and restore their unbreakable bond with their children. You want to help parents and children improve their family bonds. 
  • You long to make a positive impact in the world and with the families you serve. You have a deep stirring of purpose to end the suffering for parents and children experiencing parental alienation and implement successful, tailored, evidence-based reunification plans for each family.
  • You desire to help others create peace and cooperation in their relationships including the co-parenting relationship with their child’s other parent.

If this checklist resonates, then you probably also know that so many marriages end in chaos, hurt and suffering. You probably also sense that this reality creates trans-generational trauma that often repeats in families. And based on your past experience, you probably want to create a conscious way for families to live in the new family paradigm after divorce, helping parents becomes the best parents they can they may raise healthy, happy, productive children to become happy, healthy, and productive adults.

Dorcy Pruter

CEO/Founder of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, Coach Certification Training Instructor

If this sounds like you...

I’ve got wonderful news... you’re in the right place! Allow me to let you in on a little secret about that ‘nudge’ you’ve been feeling to become a Reunification Coach...

I can tell you from personal experience, that nudge you’ve been feeling will NOT go away. It is only going to get stronger until you say YES to it!

And nearly every one of our Conscious Co-Parenting Institute™ certified coaches would tell you the same thing.

Introducing the Conscious Co-Parenting Reunification Coach Training Program

Perhaps you’re considering coaching for the very first time, and before you invest your time and energy into pursuing it, you want to make sure that this is the right career path for you.

Or maybe you’re already a certified coach, mental health provider, lawyer, etc., but haven’t been able to make the impact and earn the kind of abundant income that you would love - and you’re wondering what’s missing from your success equation.

In this case, the Reunification Coach Training Program has you walk away with the know-how, coaching skills, and solutions and strategies so you can help families no matter where they are.In

We’re Here to Ensure That You Receive the Absolute Best Reunification Coach Training

Through Conscious Co-Parenting Institute’s Reunification Coach Training Academy, you’ll learn not only how to become a highly successful Reunification Coach, you are also going to learn the foundational International Association of Coaches (IAC) coach mastery skills that will allow you to become the best coach for families that are suffering from parental alienation. 

What does that mean?

  • It means that you will learn how to properly investigate and analyze the parent-child connection
  • It means that you will learn specialized assessment tools and methods to implement that will make it easy to get through your investigation process.
  • It means that you will learn how to evaluate the severity of the problem by using the professional tools we will provide you so you can classify the dynamic for the appropriate intervention and recover the unbreakable bond sooner rather than later.
  • It means you will have the skill set I have personally used to help thousands of parents around the world recover their un-breakable bond with their children and assist in creating co-parenting plans that serve the entire family.

Recover the authentic child that resides not only in the child, but in the parents. End the suffering and help your clients heal the trans-generational trauma. 

How is this different from Other Coach Certifications?

Unlike most certification programs, you walk away with everything you need to be a coach, the strategies and solutions for recovering this family dynamic, and the proven processes we have used to help parents reunite with their alienated kids.

  • Get your coach certification and master proven protocols so you can help parents and families thrive.
  • Learn how to restore trust and healthy parent-child bonds.
  • Access to all the resources and tools you need to meet the needs of the families you're serving.
  • Learn how to formulate the plan that engages all members of the family - whole family problem = whole family solution.

What's included?

The Reunification Coach Training Certification Program

a 6-month immersive experience to master coaching skills

What's included:

  • Become a Master Reunification Coach
  • Learn and experience Conscious Co-Parenting Institute's proven protocols and strategies
  • Know what your clients want vs. what they need
  • Worksheets, tools, and resources to support parents and kids and enhance credibility in your practice
  • Six months of bi-monthly live group calls with Dorcy Pruter
  • Six months access to online pre-work, including our Healing from Emotional Trauma course, our Conscious Co-Parenting course, and our Coach Training Foundations course
  • 12 months access to our Reunification Coach Training Program
  • Supervision and case consultation

Hear from a Certified Coach

Melissa Leckie

"It's not just about coaching, this whole program, it's about a total package of who you are, where you want to go, and what you're going to do."