Conscious Co-Parenting Course

Shifting Divorcing Parents Out of Conflict and Chaos to Cooperation and Peace

the Conscious Co-Parenting Course

is a convenient, comprehensive and affordable way to take either a parenting or co-parenting program online.

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Need To Fulfill A Requirement For Court

If you have been ordered to enroll in a Parenting Class by the court -

this course is for you.

Need a Program for Social Services or Related Agencies

If you are a Program Manager looking for a Certified Parenting Class for your clients

this course is for you.

To Show The Courts That You Are Doing Everything You Can Do To Be A Positive Co-Parent

In many cases you can improve your standing with the Court by simply taking pro-active action and showing that you are doing everything you can do to protect the best interest of your children.

this course is for you.

Seeking Personal Growth

If you want to add new tools to your Parenting Toolbox -
this course is for you.

Agreed To Enroll In Parenting Classes As Part Of A Settlement Or Custody Agreement

If you need to complete Certified Parenting Classes that will satisfy the needs of your agreement -

this course is for you.

If you are ready to create a co-parenting relationship of your dreams and strengthen the bond you have with your beloved

this course supports you to ensure you're putting the needs of your children above all others, then

this course is for you.

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The Conscious Co-Parenting Course provides a leading, nationally accepted, online parenting program, and is one of the most trusted programs available on the Internet. All courses include a Certificate of Completion and Proof of Enrollment. The Conscious Co-Parenting Course focuses on family situations with varying levels of conflict and emotional cutoffs with their children. This makes the course uniquely suited for YOU and your family, wherever you are on your parenting journey. The course teaches parents how to build and protect their relationship with their children.

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Shifting Your Focus

The Conscious Co-Parenting Course creates an opportunity for parents and family members to shift their attention from the personal aspects of divorce to the needs of their children. By using a psycho-educational approach, and a greater understanding of human behavior.

The Co-Parenting Course focuses on the enhancement of the children’s ability to function within their families, the relationship between the separate households, and how to improve the parental relationship to provide a nurturing, non-threatening home environment in both homes. This course is suited for all parents, grandparents, or others that directly or indirectly influence decisions about children.

Conscious Co-Parenting
Course Benefits PARENTS by

Ensuring you're putting your child's need's first

Teaching effective communication and conflict resolution skills

Recognizing the importance and opportunity to have a parental bond with both parents

Fostering sensitivity to the child's needs and feelings

Enabling parents to accept personal responsibility for the own actions

Shifting your limiting beliefs around divorce and freeing your mind of guilt or shame

Acknowledging the financial responsibilities of both parents

Learning the skills of achieving a whole family with two homes

Establish the long-term benefits of Conscious Co-Parenting or Parallel Parenting

When Families Do Break Up

Our mission is to help build your co-parenting relationship, deal with the trauma of adjusting to separate homes, how to communicate and deal with the turmoil, and helping your children with common fears and new relationships: Moving divorced families from divided to united.

Studies indicate that divorce is difficult on children, but if handled appropriately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Divorced parents can raise emotionally healthy children if they understand each child’s needs and follow basic guidelines for co-parenting.

Conscious Co-Parenting Course Benefits CHILDREN by

Reducing their symptoms of stress as parental conflict decreases

Increasing the likelihood of keeping two actively involved parents

Creating a more relaxed home atmosphere

Reducing the likelihood of adolescent drug and alcohol problems, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, crime

Helping a child to feel acceptance

Helping the children understand their feelings

Helping children form their own informed opinions

Helping children build self-esteem

Helping children learn to be responsible

Helping children experience unconditional love

Helping children have a relationship with BOTH of their parents

Diminishing their sense of needing to choose between parents

Minimizing the negative effects of divorce on your children is very important

With too many divorced families dealing with some level of parent-child emotional cutoffs, it is our goal at Conscious Co-Parenting Institute to proactively resolve family conflict and move divorced families from divided to united, fostering unconditional love and teaching personal responsibility.

If you are ready to create the co-parenting relationship of your dreams and strengthen the bond you have with your beloved children, making sure you put their needs above all others, then this course is for you.

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