December 18

Reunification Roadmap: Step 4 – Communication Mastery


Reuniting with an alienated child is largely successful when the alienated parent masters their communication skills. 

Many alienated parents have access to communication with their child--whether they are aware the child is receiving the communication or not.

Many parents who may be blocked or are without known whereabouts, get the opportunity to communicate at a later time when they work through the previous stages of the reconnect roadmap. 

In order to most effectively communicate, alienated parents must:

Show unconditional love only

What does this mean? It means to reach out only focused on the child. leaving out guilt inducing questions, attempting to get them to remember the past; and keeping it simple and light.

Communicate with the right intentions

If you are only communicating to try to get your side of the story across, or even to just get a response out of them, knowing well where their mindset is, then reunification will not be effective via communication. You will not show up in the manner that will attract your child back if your intentions are not authentic or in line with true reunification. 

Be consistent & persistent

Showing up to authentically reunite and attract your child back will be deemed unless if you decide to stop one day. If you have been reaching out for months to years on end with no response or reconnection, you will need to rethink how in which you have been showing up. What other work have you been doing in the meantime? Have you done the internal healing? Have you worked on if you truly have empathy for your alienated child? What other action have you taken? 

To help you with this process, we have designed a communication masterclass cheatsheet. It is one small step on the reconnect roadmap, and what we go deep in during our upcoming program, Reconnect, with Dorcy Pruter. Get started with your cheatsheet now, right here.


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