March 12

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute Hits New Milestone During Pandemic


We’re living our mission of helping divorcing or separated families take back control of their lives, move out of the broken family court system, and most importantly, reunite with their children who are often alienated by one parent during a separation.

For over a decade, CCPI has helped thousands of families in the United States, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, and Europe, and this year we hit a new milestone of impacting hundreds of families including families with adult children. 

These complex family situations and custody battles are unfortunately a global problem and one that sadly continues year after year, with 2020 being no different.

Because of the pandemic, many families have been forced into close and more intimate living situations, oftentimes expediting tense and troublesome family dynamics. The family court system has also been affected - moving many in-person hearings to video and pushing back some hearings entirely - making it very difficult for families to find resolution. But where there is a problem there's a solution, and families have turned to CCPI, especially this year, to help them navigate these challenges.

As CCPI continues to grow, we have our sight set on helping thousands of families, globally, by training more mental health professionals and coaches - developing solution-focused professionals in every jurisdiction in the world - with the aim to end this epidemic of “Parental Alienation” and restore the unbreakable parent-child bonds.

As an alienated child myself [Dorcy Pruter, Founder of CCPI], I set out on this mission in 2006 to end a global epidemic known as “parental alienation” by helping families avoid the damaging situation I lived through. To look back now and see how many families we’ve helped is beyond words. The impact of what that means for the families we work with… simply can’t be measured.

Back in 2006, I started with a vision to reunite families and I’m now blazing the trail to turn the dysfunctional family court system on its head through a variety of programs and supports. Through meeting the needs of parents wherever they are in the divorcing process, I have created several different wrap-around services and coaching programs to end the emotional cutoffs and empower every member of the family to reach their potential by taking an inward approach. 

The parenting curriculum is like no other in that it focuses on how the parents can shift and change versus focusing on changing the child’s behavior. This powerful approach creates peace and harmony in an otherwise conflicted and tumultuous situation.

Custody Resolution Method is a combination of a powerful coaching program and software solution that provides divorcing and separating families with the support they need to get out of the adversarial court system and create the family dynamic their children (and they) deserve.

The course and technology include the following: creation of a well-documented timeline, case narrative, and psychological analysis of the situation, direct involvement with a parent's legal team, 1:1 coaching, and digital courses to support families to heal from the loss, consciously co-parent their children, and thrive in their new family paradigm.

We created a methodology that includes not only the compiling, assessing, and tagging of evidence, but also the mindset coaching and the solution to the problem. We realized that most family law attorneys, judges, and therapists have no idea what the solution is and so they advise unknowing parents with the wrong advice. This simply does not serve the parents, and the children get lost in the system.

If you’re in the midst of a custody battle, and you think you might have a high conflict co-parent, don't feel like you have to navigate this alone. Even though it can feel isolating, it’s imperative that you have a support system in place to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel during this challenging time.

Click here for immediate access to the Complimentary Custody Strategy Course - The resources in this course can support you right now:

- to determine, definitively, if you have a toxic co-parent and what to do to end the suffering for your family,

- to get regain your sanity by providing concrete and practical strategies that you can use today,

- and to receive a free one-on-one consultation with a strategist on the CCPI team to discuss your next best step during this challenging time.

Custody Resolution Method — the solution to end high-conflict custody battles, to get out of the court system, preserve sanity, and ultimately create the best outcome for families, and most importantly for their children.

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  1. I became increasingly alienated due to the pandemic. Horrific time for my family and many others I have read. I am having to work tenfold to fix the custodial issues I was faced with during covid, that led to further rejection from my kids. How can you help.

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