October 23

From Divided to United: How Conscious Co-Parenting Institute Can Help Reunite and Strengthen Your Family After Divorce


Divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences in life, both for the individuals involved and their children. When a family goes through the process of separation, it's common to feel divided and disconnected - yet this has a negative impact in the long run if not remedied. Often when parents have extreme conflict, once the separation or divorce takes place, the children can side with one parent. However, with the right guidance and support, it's possible to transform division into unity and create a harmonious family dynamic through conscious co-parenting.

And that is why I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. I'm Dorcy Pruter, and I came from a hostile divorced childhood where my siblings and I were alienated from my dad. I missed out on years of what could've been a relationship with my father. I could have avoided toxic relationships and patterns. The good thing is I learned a lot from my past and from my family. Through my alienation experience and reuniting with my dad as an adult, going through my own divorce, and getting into relationship with my husband who was then alienated from his kids, I've come to understand how detrimental this dynamic is for families. Through my coaching work and experience I have helped countless families learn to shift their family from divided to united. We believe that children love both of their parents, and can easily get caught in the middle of their conflict and feel they have to choose a parent. There are high consequences for the child when this happens. That is why my work is focused on consciously reuniting with a child, and moving families from divided to united. 

What Is Conscious Co-Parenting?

Conscious co-parenting is an approach that prioritizes the well-being of the children and fosters a cooperative and respectful co-parenting relationship. It recognizes that, even after divorce, both parents play a vital role in their children's lives and emotional development. By putting the children's needs at the forefront, conscious co-parenting seeks to build a united front between parents. It means that even in complex co-parenting situations, there is always room for one parent to make a difference, by implementing conscious co-parenting tactics. 

How Can the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute Help?

1. Education and Guidance

We provide a wealth of educational resources, including workshops, courses, webinars, individualized coaching, and more - to help parents understand the principles and benefits of conscious co-parenting. It equips parents with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the post-divorce landscape successfully and reunite with their child. Whether in court and need better preparation and strategy, or not necessarily in active litigation but need help with learning to co-parent, we have you covered.

2. Effective Communication Strategies

Communication is at the heart of conscious co-parenting. CCPI teaches parents how to communicate effectively, even when emotions are running high. Learning to manage conflicts and disagreements in a respectful and non-adversarial manner is a fundamental aspect of conscious co-parenting, that will always benefit the child. This is most effectively done with individual coaching, or through my Communication for Reunification workshop.

3. Conflict-Resolution Skills

Conflict is an inevitable part of any co-parenting relationship, but it can be managed and resolved peacefully, even in complex dynamics. We provide strategies and techniques for parents to implement with their co-parent, that positively can impact your children. Check out our Conscious Co-Parenting Online Course, for your personal gain or if court-ordered and need a certificate. 

4. Emotional Support

Being in a hostile co-parenting relationship and alienated from your child is an emotionally challenging experience. The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute provides emotional support & growth techniques, guiding parents to better navigate & manage these difficult emotions so you can then learn to be empowered and to take charge of your situation. You can be consistently supported by a dedicated coach, or even get started with our free mini course Tame the Pain.

5. Child-Centered Approach

With all of our programs, CCPI is centered on the needs of the children. We emphasize the importance of creating a stable and loving environment where children can thrive, despite the family's changed circumstances. When a child is unlawfully alienated form a normal-range parent, this does not serve their best interest. We provide parents with what it takes to repair the relationship with a child they've been alienated from, and to create a healthier family dynamic for all. 

We know that it is not divorce that is bad for the kids, it's how the parents do the divorce that can be harmful. If you'd like to learn exactly how we can help with your precise alienation or divorce situation, schedule a call with a member of my team right here. We will chat with you about what exactly you're going through, and which involvement of ours is best suited for you moving forward. We look forward to serving you for the sake of your child. 



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