September 7

Taking Action When Cut Off From a Child


Many parents who are cutoff from their child ask us "what do I do?" or "where do I go from here?"

And I answer the first part of that question, with another question: what do you want? and ways to expand on your answer to get you to a place of truly understanding what you want and how to get there:

"I want a relationship with my children"

Yes, I'd assume so. But what kind of relationship? What specifically would a relationship with your child again look like to you?

"I want my co-parent to stop alienating"

Well, we can't make other people do anything. We are only in control of ourselves. So, how can you instead be the healthy parent your child needs to mirror healthy behaviors? How are you preparing for your custody battle?

"I want full custody"

...indefinitely? temporary? how will that land with the court? how and when would your children see the other parent? what happens if that isn't attainable?

"I want to get the court on my side"

are you doing all you can to prepare for court? working with an attorney who is helping your case? investing in the support you need to help your case? 

"I want my child to wake up and see what's happening"

if it took you years to realize what is happening, how can you expect your underdeveloped & abused child to see what's happening? how can you mirror the truth in an authentic manner to your child?

"it feels impossible"

It's not. You just have to start. You have to recognize that nothing will change if you do not take action. Many parents who reunited with their children wouldn't be where they are now if they hadn't taken action.

Taking action is simple. It's understanding that you have to pinpoint exactly what you want in order to take action, and limit all barriers, that is the hard part. So, start with asking yourself more in-depth questions, write them down even. Spend some time doing so. It will open up the doors for you so you know how to empower yourself to take action. And, we are here when you are ready.


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