November 30

The Roadmap to Reconnecting with an Alienated Child


Reconnecting with an alienated child is a sensitive and intricate journey that demands resiliency skills, overcoming obstacles, mastering communication, and maintaining perseverance. To successfully navigate this path, it involves three crucial phases: Self-Reflection, Rebuilding Trust, and Persistence. Let's delve into each phase to understand how to effectively reconnect with an alienated child.

Phase 1: Self-Reflection

The initial phase of reconnecting with an alienated child begins with introspection and self-reflection. It's essential to assess and understand your own actions, behaviors, and how you are showing up. Take time to reflect on:

  • Understanding the Child's Perspective
  • Determining What You Truly Want
  • Seeking Personal Growth

Phase 2: Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding trust is a gradual and delicate process that requires patience and understanding. During this phase:

  • Establish Open Communication
  • Demonstrate Consistency
  • Avoid Pressuring or Guilt-Tripping

Phase 3: Persistence

Persistence is key in the journey to reconnect with an alienated child. Showing up is what leads to reunification. This phase involves:

  • Patience Amid Setbacks
  • Demonstrate Unconditional Love
  • Never Give Up

The alienated parent needs to implement these essential skills in order to stay on the roadmap to reunification. 

For those seeking expert guidance and structured support through this challenging journey, we're thrilled to introduce our latest program, Reconnect: the Alienated Parent's Reunification Roadmap. Led by the esteemed expert Dorcy Pruter, this comprehensive 3-month live coaching program is designed to provide a robust roadmap for parents seeking to reconnect with their alienated children.

Reconnect is more than just a program; it's a tailored approach to guide parents through the intricate process of reconnection. Led by Dorcy Pruter, a renowned expert in family reunification, this program offers:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Dorcy Pruter's extensive experience and proven strategies specifically designed for parents navigating the challenges of alienation. Live teachings several times a month, coupled with a group call each month.
  • Structured Support: Receive a step-by-step roadmap and personalized coaching sessions aimed at addressing your unique situation and challenges. A dedicated CCPI team member, just for you.
  • Emotional Empowerment: Gain valuable insights and tools to manage emotions, communicate effectively, and foster a healthier relationship with your child. With access to the Chosen Parent Collective, you will give and get the support of countless other Chosen Parents.

If you're ready to take proactive steps and embark on the path to reunification, Reconnect is here to guide you. Schedule a call with our expert team to learn more about this transformative program and take the first step towards rebuilding a meaningful relationship with your child. 


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    1. Hi Penny, great question. This program is for those who wish to finally dedicate their time to reconnecting. It is for parents who have both minor and adult children, as it based off the work Dorcy has done to successfully help parents reunite with their children of all ages, both personally and through our other work at CCPI. The methodology to reunite is the same no matter the age or differences of the child, however of course there are specific aspects to every family and that is addressed through the individual coaching aspect of the program.

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