December 4

What Does It Mean to Be a Higher Purpose Parent?


Finding one's purpose isn't always easy. It is usually right under our noses, yet many go their entire lives never truly knowing what their 'purpose' is. And, purpose can be subjective. When one becomes a parent, finding their purpose can then be conflated. Is my purpose being a parent? Is it my career? Is it both?

When in doubt, it is a matter of following your intuitive knowingness. 

The short answer is also that if you are a parent, your purpose is along those lines. And many go decades without truly understanding their role as a parent. Maybe they don't feel like a 'good enough' parent. Many parents become alienated from their child, usually due to a divorce, and lose their entire sense of purpose as a parent. 

This can be an often debilitating feeling. And when alienated, this feeling doesn't help the situation, to feel like you lost your role and purpose as a mother or father, while simultaneously trying to be that parent your child needs. 

I am here to tell you that it 100% possible to gain that sense of purpose back, and really hone in on it. 

Being a 'higher purpose parent' is all about getting to a place of utmost consciousness, so you are confident in your abilities to parent, to be in relationship with your child, and how to best guide your child through this thing called life.

So, how does one become a Higher Purpose Parent? Aside from my guided program teaching you how to get to that place, it is rather straightforward:

1. Understand your 'lower self' and what drives you
2. Source and process trauma, childhood, and uncover unconscious beliefs 
3. Learn your triggers and what 'triggers' them
4. Begin to understand yourself in ways you never have before, so you start to shift and attract better things for you.
5. Embrace your power, become confident in yourself both individually and as a parent

Becoming a higher purpose parent is in closer reach than you think. Get started today with a guided process, by enrolling at $200 off today, at the enrollment link on our informational page. Check out at the button below. 

Change starts today. And it starts with you! 


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